Tips for Interviews

You should prepare as thoroughly for an internal vacancy as you would if you were applying for a job in another company. Good preparation will help you to minimise interview nerves and give the best possible account of yourself on the day. Here are some suggestions:


Call the person who scheduled your interview and ask questions like:

Meet or research the team/division and find out things like:

If you think you need to refresh your knowledge on all things Sainsbury’s, visit and read the information on our corporate website and keep an eye on newspapers and press.


Re-read your application form and make sure you can talk confidently about everything on it

The hiring manager will have seen your online application form before the interview and might want to discuss some of the things on it in more detail with you. Therefore, it is a good idea that you re-read your application shortly before your interview so that if you are asked about any of the content you know what the interviewer is referring to and can give them a good amount of additional detail.

Examples of your skills and behaviours

If you know that the interview will be a competency based interview make some notes and think about some examples when you have demonstrated certain skills. If the interview will be behaviourally based then think of examples when you have demonstrated certain behaviours. Thinking about these examples in advance will make them much easier to recall when you are in an interview.

A good way to structure your examples is to use a method called STAR:

Make sure you are prepared to talk about what you have learned and how you might approach situations differently moving forward. Try to give different examples, i.e. don’t illustrate your skills by making reference to the same project or situation for multiple questions. Demonstrate the range of things you have done and skills you have!

When answering questions you should think about our colleague values and how you have shown these in past experiences. Our colleague values are:

Note down questions to ask your interviewer like:

Ask questions that will help you to assess whether the role and the team forms the right career path for you.


You should make sure you leave yourself enough time to practice your interview with somebody who is able to give you open and honest feedback, this could even be your line manager or another colleague in your team. They should feedback on your responses but you could also prompt them to think about your body language and your tone of voice etc.

Be on time and dress appropriately

During the Interview

After the Interview

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