Recommend a friend

Recommend a friend

If you have explored Inside Move and thought of friends, relatives and acquaintances with suitable skills and experience that would like to join our company, you can recommend them to us. Roles on Inside Move are internal vacancies and are not always available to colleagues who do not already work for us so to make sure that they are applying for a role that is available to external candidates, you should direct them to our external careers website

When applying, the individual must include your name as the person who they were recommended by on their application form. If you successfully introduce a friend, relative or acquaintance into one of our specific roles, and they pass their probationary period and their employment is confirmed, we’ll reward you with Sainsbury’s vouchers. By using this scheme, we are able to attract applicants through colleagues and save money on recruitment costs.

For details on who this reward applies to, what you need to do to receive it and other considerations, you should read the full Recommend a Friend Policy which can be found on Our Sainsbury's.

Colleagues will be directed to log into Our Sainsbury's and then the policy opens in a word document.

If you are a Sainsbury’s Argos Colleague, unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept recommend a friend referrals, however we will be exploring this as a potential option for the future.

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