The application process

Please use the tabs below to learn more about what the application process might look like depending on what area of the business you are applying to.

Stores and Logistics

All Retail applications can now be completed online, which will make applying for a vacancy much easier.

When you have found a vacancy that you are interested in, simply click on apply and follow the instructions. You will be asked if you are a Sainsbury’s, Argos or Nectar colleague, so just click on the option that best describes you.

You will then complete a registration and application form, along with some online screening questions that will help us determine suitability for the role. For most of our Retail roles, we do not require a CV, you will be guided if this is required.

Please note that applications usually take up to 20 minutes, so please ensure you leave enough time so that you don’t have to rush!

If you have access to the myHR system, you will be able to log-in and view your application within your profile.

Store Support Centre

The application process in store support centres depends on the role and the business area that you are applying to. Typically it will start with you completing an online application on Inside Move. As part of this you might be asked some questions to assess if you meet the role’s minimum technical and behavioural requirements. For some roles you will also be asked to complete additional assessment testing. The assessments might include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and/or abstract reasoning. To learn more about these types of testing and how you can prepare you can click here.

If you are successful after this stage your CV will be reviewed and you might be asked to attend an interview. Depending on the role, you might also have a final interview, after which a decision will be made. If you have questions or issues at any stage of the application process or you would like to discuss any adjustments that you may need, please let your Line Manager know or contact a member of the Recruitment Team.

For specific information relating to the recruitment process for Sainsbury’s Argos Colleagues please click here

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